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Since 1995, HH has recognized a great need for services for young people in the 13­-24 age group. While many arts education programs focus primarily on arts and academia, HH programs are founded in the research that supports the positive correlation between specific character strengths and later academic success and life satisfaction. At HH, we passionately believe that destinies are malleable and that even life stories of trauma and tragedy can be re-written. Through creative and collaborative Co-Authorship, young artists increase their understanding of character and resiliency and build on their current strengths through experiential activities in the arts and curriculum that gives them a purposeful vocabulary and set of tools to create their successes individually and in the context of community.

Hollywood HEART Arts and Resiliency Programs, develop additional, specific skills including: emotional regulation, concentration, persistence, compassion, expression of emotion, motivation, critical thinking, problem solving, empathy, professionalism, self-concept, openness to experience,curiosity, innovation, help-seeking behavior, cross-cultural understanding, communication, gratitude, and collaboration—skills key to meeting the emotional, intellectual and professional challenges that young people encounter in today’s society. HH designs programs for youth that enhance and develop strengths of character through kind, collaborative, and creative processes.

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Alanna is a professional dancer and has performed with artists and companies such as Tokyo Disneyland, Cirque du Soleil, Bolshoi Ballet, Michael Bublé, Jay Leno, Holland America Cruise Line and the Vancouver Winter Olympics. She has also directed children's programs at Glendale Montessori Elementary School and Pacific Northwest Ballet School for 200+ students. Alanna is currently studying in the Liberal Education for Arts Professionals program and performing with the Los Angeles Opera.

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David Gale, Founder and Chairman of the Board (Co-founder of We Are The Mighty)

David Shulman, Vice President and Treasurer of the Board (CEO, International Society of Hospitality Purchasers Group)

Laura Bushley, E.A., Secretary of the Board (Owner of Bushley and Associates)

Kesila Childers, Board Member (Director of Original Content, Vimeo)

Rodney Clark, Board Member (Consultant)

Andy Fiedler, Board Member (Head of Production at Six Point Harness)

John Gatins, Board Member and Writing Team Leader at Camp HH (Academy Nominated Screen Writer and Director)

Dr. Rickey Payton, Sr., Board Member and Music Team Leader at Camp HH (CEO, Urban Nation Academy for the Performing Arts)

Jody Simon, Board Member (Entertainment Lawyer, Partner at Fox Rothschild LLP)


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Andrew Dominguez

Jordan Duke

Sarah J. Eagen

Amy Halpern

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