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The Cameron Saner Memorial Fund

10/31/1991 – 10/29/2016

Cameron wanted to help kids less fortunate than himself.

A brave want after facing his own challenges and just one example of his kind heart. Cameron was bullied by peers for his Epilepsy and learning disabilities, and found out only after he was grown that he had Autism.

Through the arts, Cameron was able to overcome these challenges and began his artistic journey under the wing of an arts instructor, Antonio. At the Michael’s craft store, Antonio partnered with Cameron on his homeschool projects and soon Antonio became an integral part of Cameron’s homeschool curriculum. With the support of the arts and a compassionate instructor, Cameron’s artistic talents began to blossom along with his self esteem. 

With his new found confidence, Cameron had a bright future ahead of him. He created many paintings and even his own techniques for coloring pictures in graph paper. He even ended up teaching this technique to an elementary class as a volunteer! On October 29th, 2016, just three days before Cameron’s 25th birthday, all were devastated to learn that a long undiagnosed illness was cancer. He was called home that same day.  

In honor of Cameron’s courageous journey, Hollywood HEART is honored to be home to the Cameron Saner Memorial Fund. This fund will provide kids in need with arts workshops that will share the healing power of the artistic process, build confidence and self-esteem in young people,  provide opportunities for a successful future, and in many ways, give hope to those struggling. 

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